International Womens Day: UNAMA calls for inclusion of Afghan women in peace talks

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Mar, 2020. 10:44 pm
International Womens Day: UNAMA calls for inclusion of Afghan women in peace talks

The head of United Nations  mission, Tadamichi Yamamoto in Afghanistan calls for inclusion of Afghan women in peace talks.

Tadamichi Yamamoto said in a statement urged that Afghan women should have access to education, healthcare and work facilities and full representation in all areas of political decision-making, from parliament to the peace table which is vital for a peaceful society.

Marking the International Women Day the UNAMA said it will continue to support all efforts toward gender equality and all opportunities for women to reclaim their rightful place in all areas of society in Afghanistan.

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Women’s day is celebrated across the globe for equality which often women struggle to get. Be it workplace or any other sector, women have to face various issues like unequal pay. And, to achieve equality in society, women have been dealing with consequences for decades now.

The situation is problematic in underdeveloped countries where women are forced to face all sorts of problems including lack of education, health, safety or much more. Although the concept of women empowerment has been applauded by many, there’s a long way to get equal rights for women.

Like other parts of the world, Women’s day is enthusiastically celebrated in Pakistan as well. While there are different events being organized in honor of women and to acknowledge their part in shaping the society, we have been seeing protests and rallies in different cities of the country for the past few years.

Women in Pakistan organize and take part in Aurat March on Women’s Day. This blog will discuss why and how the concept is getting popular with each year.

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