Man mugged for toilet paper as coronavirus panic buying hit world

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Mar, 2020. 08:45 pm
Man mugged for toilet paper as coronavirus panic buying hit world

A man was mugged for carrying toilet paper just moments after leaving Savers store in Harringay, North London as the novel coronavirus panic buying spread across  the world.

According to the details. the mugging comes as panic about the coronavirus epidemic leads to wide-spread stockpiling.

Daily Mail newspaper reported that, the 56-year-old man, Dinendra was leaving a Savers store when someone ran up behind him and snatched one of the two toilet rolls he was carrying.

Dinendra said: ‘I went to my local savers and bought two packs of toilet rolls.

‘Someone came up from behind and stole one packet in broad daylight.

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‘I was shaken and shocked. Is that what we have come to? Its not the value of the toilet roll, its the principle.

‘I’m concerned about the vulnerable people, the elderly. In terms of their health and their emotions as well.’

Social media posts led people to believe, inaccurately, that the raw materials for masks and toilet paper are the same, and have the same Chinese source, reported the paper.

This led to some shops selling out almost as soon as paper arrives, according to the paper.

Hong Kong was one of the earlier parts of the world to be hit by panic buying in response to the spread of the coronavirus, and by mid-February there were shortages of some basic items, according to the BBC.

Authorities said the panic buying was not the result of any shortage, and blamed false online rumors for the rush for toilet paper, the BBC reported.

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