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Prophet’s Mosque agency strengthen its precautionary measures for the safety of visitors

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Mar, 2020. 02:42 pm
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Prophet's Mosque agency strengthen its precautionary measures for the safety of visitors

Precautionary measures have been intensified by the Prophet’s Mosque agency for the safety of people.

A spokesperson for the General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs, Jamaan Al-Asiri, informed that the precautionary steps intensified by strengthening its strategies in several aspects such as cleaning and sterilization programs for floors and carpets inside Prophet’s Mosque. Aspects also include increasing cleaning and sterilization programs to facilitate people in the Mosque.

Furthermore, measures also include facilitating ablution sites before and after the prayers 10 times a day, creating vast corridors to accommodate people on the arrival of paramedics for emergency conditions as well as hosting proper ventilation system.

Moreover, Al-Asri also mentioned the measures the agency will be taking. These measures include changing air conditioning filters to remove possible germs, taking care of Zam Zam water, sterilization of canteens, removing Zamz am cups after use, taking care of staff and ensuring their health.

According to Saudi Arabia’s local news agency, workers will be directed to wear gloves and masks during health. The Mosque’s agency will also hold health education programs for the workers in coordination with the Ministry of health and relevant authorities to manage strategies properly in emergency cases.

Apart from that, the agency will also publish educational content on electronic screens in the squares of the Roza-e-Rasool in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

The spokesperson also emphasized that the agency is adopting measures as per the latest developments. The agency will also ensure the safety and comfort of people visiting the Prophet’s Mosque to gain aspiration of the leadership and the follow-up by the General President for the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque as well as the Under-Secretary-General for the Prophet’s Mosque related affairs.

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