106-year-old British woman survives COVID-19

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th Apr, 2020. 07:16 pm

A 106-year-old woman is believed to be the oldest patient of the United Kingdom who has recovered from COVID-19.

According to the details, a 106 year old woman named Connie Titchen has been discharged from Birmingham’s City hospital after fully recovering from the deadly coronavirus.

The oldest patient has spent three weeks in hospital with the infection, but doctors told her this week that she is fully recovered now.

Connie Titchen who was born in 1913 and is a retired shop worker from Birmingham, told the media  “I feel very lucky that I’ve fought off this virus. I can’t wait to see my family.”

Her granddaughter Alex Jones said that her grand mother had lived a very active life and she has always cooked for herself too.

If Allah wills not, no one can harm! 101 years old Italian survives COVID-19

Earlier, Alma Clara Corsini, 95, has survived coronavirus in Italy.

While coronavirus pandemic has created panic and has disrupted the lives globally, miracles are still happening!

Recent trends show that older people are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Serious illness increases after the age of 80.

However, the Gazzetta di Modena reported that she might be the oldest woman to recover from Covid-19 without antiviral therapy.

Alma Clara Corsini was diagnosed positive with coronavirus and was then admitted to a hospital in Pavullo in northern Italy on March 5.

She informed the Italian news, “I’m fine,”

“They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while.”

She had shown symptoms at the retirement home in Fanano where she resides. Her doctor, who took her to the hospital, was worried that her condition may get worse.

Alma Clara said, “They told me that I still have a strong physique,”

“Despite my years I still defend myself well.”

Doctors said that antivirals or anti-inflammatories would have been strong for her. She was then treated with antibiotics. She was treated and was tested again after 9 days. Surprisingly, the results came negative.


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