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China come to a standstill as it pay homage to the virus victims

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Apr, 2020. 12:22 pm
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Whilst the deadly Coronavirus continues, people around the globe are forced into partial or complete lockdown with economies and business almost shut.

Thousands of people globally have died due to the dangerous COVID-19 outbreak.

However, to express solidarity with the virus victims, China came to a standstill on Saturday.

The whole country has observed a three-minute silence to mourn patients and doctors affected by Coronavirus.

Citizens paused, cars, trains and ships sounded their horns, and air-raid sirens rang out in memory of the deceased.

In Wuhan sirens and horns sounded as people fell silent in the streets.

People held back tears and felt deep sorrow about the frontliners treating Coronavirus patients.

Staff of the Tongji hospital stood outside with heads bowed toward the main building.

“I feel a lot of sorrow about our colleagues and patients who died,” a nurse at Tongji who worked on the frontlines treating coronavirus patients, told.

“I hope they can rest well in heaven.”

Workers in protective wear paused silently beside barriers at one residential community.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and other government officials stood outside a Beijing government compound, wearing white flowers.

Pedestrians also stopped walking and kept their heads low in a silent tribute ceremony, while police patrolling stood at the side of the road with their riot shields down and bowed heads.

Park-goers paused their activities too, some holding badminton rackets by their sides, others with hands together in prayer.

Trains on Beijing’s subway network also came to a standstill.

Many passengers including children stand silently throughout the three minutes in a mark of respect.

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