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Coronavirus in Libya-Former prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril died

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2020. 11:21 am
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Coronavirus in Libya-Former prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril died

The former Prime Minister of Libya Mahmoud Jibril has died after battling with Coronavirus. His party confirmed the news.

Secretary of the National Force Alliance Khaled al-Mrimi informed that Mahmoud Jibril was being treated in the hospital for two weeks. The former prime minister died in Cairo.

Hospital director Hisham Wagdy said that he suffered from cardiac arrest and then was admitted to the Ganzouri Specialized Hospital in Cairo. He tested positive for COVID-19 three days later.

Wagdy reported to the international news agency, “He started … recovering the day before yesterday but then he began deteriorating again,”

Sources say that Jibil served as an economic advisor to the Gaddafi government in its final years. He later joined the revolution in 2011.

Jibril led the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC). He had made many trips abroad to rally European and US support against Gaddafi.

Note that 18 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by the Libyan government. One person had died. Mrimi said that Jibril had recovered in recent days and was allowed to leave the hospital. However, his health deteriorated again.

Coronavirus live updates-Spain “close to passing the peak of infections”

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez said the country is “close to passing the peak of infections” as the death toll fell for the second day in a row.

Pedro Sánchez said the lockdown measures would be extended till 15 April, as he said the restrictions were “saving lives”.

The international news agency stated that the death toll of 809 in one day is the lowest in Spain.

Officials are struggling to arrange masks for all the citizens.

Note that there are more than 1.1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus whereas deaths reported are more than 60,000 worldwide.

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