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Coronavirus: Israeli TV claims US warned Israel & NATO in November

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Apr, 2020. 09:00 pm
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Coronavirus: Israeli TV claims US warned Israel & NATO in November

Israeli broadcaster TV channel claimed that the government of the United States had warned Israel and NATO about the emerging threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

US intelligence knowing about a virus pandemic in Wuhan, China, in November before it was public and they sent the warning to the White House,“which did not deem it of interest,” Israeli TV channel stated.

White House dismissed the information but still US intelligence had decided to warn close allies of the United States about the pandemic, specifically Israel and NATO.

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The Israeli channel reported that the coronavirus’ impact on Israel and the larger region was discussed at length by Israeli military officials but the governments didn’t do anything about it.

It is to be noted that advanced fore warning had big implications for affecting the economy, and how people could benefit themselves with knowing, by limiting their losses or even gaining, and allowing the losses of others or increasing the losses of others.

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