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US warns China ‘harsh consequences’ if found responsible for COVID-19

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

19th Apr, 2020. 09:37 am
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President of the United States has warned China for harsh consequences if found responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.

In recent statement, said media reports; Donald Trump cleared that his country had very smooth relations with China until COVID-19.

“If they were knowingly responsible for coronavirus outbreak, yeah, then there should be consequences,” he told reporters at a White House news conference.

“The relationship was good when we were signing that, but then, all of a sudden, you hear about this. So, it’s a big difference.

Donald Trump further said;

“You know, the question was asked would you be angry at China. Well, the answer very well might be a very resounding yes, but it depends,”

United States President underlined that there a big difference between a mistake that got out of control or something done deliberately.

“In either event, they should have let us go in. You know, we asked to go in very early and they didn’t want us in. I think they knew it was something bad and I think they were embarrassed,” said President US Donald Trump.

President of United States Donald Trump claimed that China was pitching for former vice president Joe Biden, who is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the presidential election.

“If sleepy Joe Biden wins, China will own the United States,” Donald Trump said, adding that his administration had gained billions of dollars from China due to his assertive trade policies.

“We had the greatest economy in the world by far. China isn’t even close. Go back two months. And we’re going to keep it that way,” he said.

Donald Trump maintained that Iran now a much different country than before.

“When I first came in, Iran was going to take over the entire Middle East,” he said.

“Right now, they just want to survive.”

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