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Taliban releases 20 government prisoners on Sunday

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Apr, 2020. 01:07 pm
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Taliban releases 20 govnerment prisoners on Sunday

The Taliban has set free 20 government prisoners on Sunday.

The Taliban had sent photos to the international news sources and said that they were submitted to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kandahar province.

The office of the National Security Council informed that the news had come out Afghan government had released a third group of 100 prisoners.

The Afghan government had released 100 prisoners on Wednesday, then released another 100 on Thursday, and the third group on Sunday.

As per the peace process, the Afghan government had pledged to release 1.500 Taliban prisoners.

The International news source stated that as per the deal, the Taliban should release 1,000 prisoners.

Zabihulah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, said on Friday that the Afghan government had released “unidentified” prisoners as a Taliban delegation tasked with working with Afghan authorities had left Kabul after meetings.

Ashraf Ghani approves the release of Taliban prisoners

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had approved the release of 1,500 Taliban prisoners to work on the security of the peace deal signed between the US and Taliban.

All prisoners are required by the presidential decree to submit “a written guarantee to not return to the battlefield”.

Taliban has decided to hand over 1,000 government troops in exchange.

The approval has come out after the US withdrew his troops from the country.

President Ghani has signed the decree according to which all 1,500 prisoners will be set free within two weeks “with 100 prisoners walking out of Afghan jails every day”.

According to the international news agency, negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. After the talks, 500 prisoners will be set free every two weeks and 5,000 prisoners will be released.

The measure is taken to build cooperation between both sides.

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