Afghan women breastfeeding orphaned infants after Kabul attack

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th May, 2020. 09:51 pm
Afghan women breastfeeding orphaned infants after Kabul attack

At least 24 people, including two infants, were killed in a May 12 attack on a maternity home at a government hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, three days ago.

The killing of infants and mothers has saddened people not only in Afghanistan but all over the world.

Taking care of the babbies whose mothers killed in the attack was a problem for the hospital administration, as those babies were crying for breast milk.

According to the Afghan news agency Tolo, 27-year-old Feroza Omar, a resident of Kabul, went to the hospital a few hours after the attack to breastfeed the orphaned infants who cried for milk with the help of her family and the hospital administration.

Feroza Umar is a government employee who works for the Ministry of Commerce and her residence was near the affected hospital.

Feroza Omar herself is the mother of a 14-month-old baby and she also breastfeeds her, but after the hospital attack, she thought of the children who had lost their mothers, so with the help of her husband and other family, she gave decided to breastfeed the babies.

With the permission and support of the family and husband, Feroza Omar reached the hospital and expressed her desire to breastfeed the infants.

As Feroza reached the hospital, some of the difficulties of the hospital staff members were alleviated as most of the female staff could not handle the babies who were crying for their mothers’ breastfeed.

Other newly mothers also came forward and they also started breastfeeding the orphaned babies.

The hospital management is commended to see the sympathetic women who are coming to the hospital at different times of the morning, afternoon and night to breastfeed the babies.

Most of the women who come to the hospital to breastfeed orphaned babies have their own babies who are currently breastfeeding, however, they are not only came to feed them but they  also reaffirmed their commitment to adopt children.

At least 20 orphaned babies were in the hospital after the Kabul attack, who are now being breastfed by other women, while many women have also expressed their desires to adopt these newborns.

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