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Coronavirus-Wuhan plans to conduct tests of 11 million residents

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th May, 2020. 05:49 pm
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Coronavirus-Wuhan plans to conduct tests of 11 million residents

The Chinese city of Wuhan is planning to conduct coronavirus tests at a vast level; it plans to test the entire population of 11 million people.

All districts of Wuhan have been asked to submit details about how tests could be conducted within 10 days. The move was taken when new cases were reported.

Wuhan had experienced a strict lockdown for 11 weeks and have eased lockdown measures from 8th April. Schools, businesses, and public transport were reopened.

Wuhan has asked every district to make a 10-day testing plan by noon on Tuesday, according to theThe Paper that is internally circulated.

According to the plan, each district will be responsible for its own plan they will make as per the overall population and the status of coronavirus cases. In addition to this, older people and people living in highly populated communities should be considered first.

Wuhan and the north-eastern province of Jilin in China reported new coronavirus cluster after the lockdown was lifted. Five news new cases were reported on Monday after the first case was confirmed since April 3.

In addition to this, Shulan city in Jilin province, near the borders with Russia and North Korea, reported 11 new cases.

Wuhan is the epicenter from where coronavirus emerged. However, China has eased lockdown measures in recent weeks as cases were decreasing. The small cluster has been reported since the end of strict lockdown measures on April 8.

Health authorities and experts warn another rise in cases as people move freely outside.

Authorities said that the small cluster had emerged from all the same residential compound.

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