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US authorizes the use of anti-viral drug remdesivir to treat coronavirus

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd May, 2020. 04:39 pm
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US authorizes the use of anti-viral drug remdesivir to treat coronavirus

Emergency use of the Ebola drug remdesivir has been authorized by the US’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating coronavirus patients.

The anti-viral drug can now be used to treat coronavirus patients who are severely ill.

A recent clinical trial was conducted that showed that the drug lessened the recovery time people who were in critical condition.

However, the accurate survival rate is not significantly confirmed.

Experts say that remdesivir-this is used to treat Ebola, and is created by Gilead pharmaceutical company in California, should not be considered as a “magic bullet” for coronavirus.

According to experts, remdesivir, attacks the virus’s genome and affect its ability to replicate.

US President Donald Trump conducted a meeting with Gilead Chief Executive Daniel O’Day. Daniel O’Day said that the FDA authorization was a significant first step.

He said, “The Company would donate 1.5 million vials of the drug”

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said at the meeting, “It’s the first authorized therapy for Covid-19, so we’re really proud to be part of it.”

Gilead says on its website that the drug did not cure Ebola, “Remdesivir is an experimental medicine that does not have established safety or efficacy for the treatment of any condition.”

In its clinical trial, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) found that remdesivir cut the duration of symptoms from 15 days down to 11.

Dr. Anthony Fauci who runs NIAID said that remdesivir had “a clear-cut, significant, positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery”.

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