Coronavirus death toll exceeds 500,000 worldwide

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2020. 11:55 am

The death toll due to coronavirus has exceeded 500,000 worldwide. On the other hand, confirmed cases exceeded 10 million toll.

According to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University, a total of 10,249,840

People are infected with a contagious respiratory disease called coronavirus. Out of these, 4,187,369 cases are active whereas 6,062,471 cases have been closed.

Out of active cases, 4,130,022 patients are in mild condition but 57,347 patients are in serious condition.

On the contrary, 5,557,980 patients, out of closed cases, have recovered and 504,491 people have lost their battle against the virus.

According to Hopkins’ data, the US is tackling with the highest number of cases, having 2,637,077 confirmed cases out of which 128,437 have died and 1,093,456 have recovered. The number of active cases in the US is 1,415,184.

The US is followed by Brazil, Russia, India, and the UK.

The World Health Organization has Earlier urged the countries and individuals to be extremely vigilant, as coronavirus cases are increasing at a steady rate. Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned on Friday at a virtual press conference, “The world is in a new and dangerous phase,”

He had added, “Many people are understandably fed up with being at home. Countries are understandably eager to open up their societies and economies, but the virus is still spreading fast, it is still deadly, and most people are still susceptible,”

He said that 150,000 new Covid-19 infections were reported on Thursday. Around half of these cases were reported from the Americas whereas great numbers were reported from South Asia and the Middle East.

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