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Four countries warn Israel to refrain from annexing Palestinian territories

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Jul, 2020. 01:01 am
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Four countries warn Israel to refrain from annexing Palestinian territories

Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan warned Israel on Tuesday against annexing the Palestinian territories. These countries say that Israel’s move could affect their bilateral relations.

According to Reuters, the German Foreign Ministry has issued a statement from the countries (including Israel’s two leading allies in the Middle East) saying that their foreign ministers have met with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The two sides have discussed the resumption of talks.

The foreign ministers of European and Middle Eastern countries have said in a video conference that the plan of Israel to annexing the Palestinian territories would be a violation of international law and would undermine the peace process.

The statement said that they will not recognize any change in the 1967 borders on which the two warring parties do not agree. Such a move could affect their relationship with Israel.

Israel plans to annex the occupied West Bank as part of a proposed peace deal. The peace deal was proposed by US President Donald Trump.

The Palestinian Authority, which seeks to incorporate the West Bank into a Palestinian state, opposes its accession to Israel. Nevertheless, the United States has agreed to the accession.

Israel did not immediately respond to the comment from European and Middle Eastern countries, but in a separate statement, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israeli prime minister had told his British counterpart Boris Johnson on Monday that he Is committed to implementing Trump’s “real” peace agreement, which is constructive and realistic, and will not return to past formulas that have failed.

Note that Pakistan has also rejected Israel’s plans to annex the Jordan valley and all settlement blocs in West Bank.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui told Anadolu Agency, “Pakistan has a principled consistent position on Palestine. We view Israel’s coalition government proposal of “annexation” of the West Bank with grave concern.”

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