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India to buy HAMMER missiles from France on an emergency basis

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

25th Jul, 2020. 07:42 pm
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India to buy HAMMER missiles from France on an emergency basis

India spends billions of dollars every year to stockpile weapons. After the Rafale jets, India decided to buy HAMMER (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) missiles from France on an emergency basis.

Indian authorities are trying to keep the number of missiles and details of the deal secret. However, according to Indian media, a possible deal will result in the purchase of at least 100 HAMMER missiles.

India is expected to receive 5 Rafale aircraft on July 29, which will be delivered to the airport in Ambala, Haryana. Along with the receipt of the aircraft, the Modi government is also signing an agreement with France for dangerous hammer missiles. This agreement is being signed by the Indian Army under the use of emergency powers.

Experts say India is buying these advanced missiles with a range of 60 to 70 km in the wake of ongoing tensions with China.

According to Hammer missile manufacturer Safran Electronics & Defense, Hammer missiles can be used easily from afar. The target of this air-to-ground missile has been described as very accurate. According to the company, this system fits easily, can hit with the help of a guidance kit and never gets jammed. The guidance kit on the front of the missile fits technologies such as GPS, infrared and laser.

India had signed a deal with France for 36 fighter jets worth about Rs 60,000 crore, though there has been a lot of controversy over the true value of the fighter jets. India’s Rafale deal with France has been controversial, and India’s opposition accused BJP government of doing corruption of billions of dollars in French aircraft purchases.

The Indian opposition has raised questions over the HAMMER missile deal, with senior Congress leader Manish Tiwari asking in a tweet why the Hammer missile deal was not done with the purchase of the Rafale jets.

On the other hand, the Indian ruling party is not shying away from hollow threats. BJP secretary-general Bhupinder Yadav said that after the purchase of HAMMER missiles, India’s enemies will not be able to hide in bunkers.

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