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Protests erupt in Israel against Netanyahu, demand resignation

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Jul, 2020. 06:30 pm
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Protests erupt in Israel against Netanyahu, demand resignation

Protests have erupted in Israel demanded the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over allegations of corruption.

People of Israel protested against the prime minister and his government, and dozens of Israelis marched towards parliament on Wednesday.

Police have arrested four people and dispersed the protestors these people were protesting against the vote to give the government too much power by keeping the parliament on the sidelines.

The government took the step in the wake of the Coronavirus, but the public refused to recognize the Netanyahu government’s decision.

Protests outside Netanyahu’s residence have become a daily occurrence in Israel, with police cracking down on protesters with each passing day.

Last month, police arrested a retired general of the Israeli Air Force for speaking out against the government.

Since then, young people have joined the protests, with thousands taking part in the past week, one of the largest protests in Netanyahu’s decade-long tenure as prime minister.

Netanyahu has been criticized for holding the PM’s job despite allegations of corruption, as well as allegations of undemocratic actions under the guise of the Coronavirus and the country’s economic crisis.

On Tuesday night, protesters marched through the streets of Jerusalem to Netanyahu’s residence and then to parliament.

Protestors were demanding the resignation of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and were holding banners reading “This is the Israeli spring.”

Police say they have arrested a total of 34 people on charges of disturbing the peace and are cracking down on the area.

Restaurant and hotel owners, as well as famous chefs and celebrities, also took part in the protest.

Netanyahu’s popularity has plummeted in recent years as corruption cases against him have resumed, while his government, which was set up exclusively on an emergency basis to deal with the crisis of Coronavirus, has also failed and faced severe criticism from the people.

Netanyahu is facing a series of lawsuits against him, accusing him of accepting expensive gifts from billionaire friends and providing them with commercial benefits in return, The media also faces allegations of providing various incentives and coverage in its favour however the Israeli prime minister has denied the allegations.


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