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United States executes third man by lethal injection in a week

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th Jul, 2020. 01:02 am
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United States executes third man by lethal injection in a week

WASHINGTON: A third prisoner in the United States has been sentenced to death by lethal injection in a week, following a Supreme Court ruling.

According to the international media reports, the government began executing dangerous prisoners in serious prisons by injecting them with poison this week.

The day before, a man named Dustin Lee Hanken was executed in the Indiana Executive Chamber. The citizen was accused of killing five people, including a police informant and two innocent girls, along with his friend in 1993.

The court sentenced Dustin Lee to death in 2004, but he could not be executed due to the ban.

On Thursday morning, a Roman Catholic priest filed a lawsuit in court seeking a stay of Dustin’s death sentence, arguing that he had not been able to meet with the accused because of Coronavirus, so Dustin should be given some time.

The public prosecutor argued in court that the petitioner should choose between performing his religious duty and protecting his health. The Supreme Court, after clearing the public prosecutor, dismissed the petition and upheld the sentence.

Keith Dwayne, the fourth convicted of murder, will be sentenced on August 28 on a court order, according to US media reports.

It should be noted that the Trump administration had planned to start executing the death penalty with highly toxic injection but the court had issued a restraining order.

However, the Trump administration succeeded in April when the U.S. District Court for the Columbia Circuit overturned a district judge’s order suspending the execution of all four convicts.

Attorney General William Barr said in a statement quoting the four convicts that full and fair action had been taken under the law.

He said that we want to execute the punishment of those who have committed horrific crimes and their bereaved families through our justice system.

In the United States, the principle of execution by poison lethal injection is that the face of the injector is kept hidden.

In most US states, only one person administers the toxic injection to inmates, and in some places machines were used, but due to technical glitches, it was discontinued.

Pentahole is commonly used for toxic injections, which are also commonly used to anaesthetize patients during surgery, but the dose is kept at 150 mg, while for death row inmates. This amount is 5,000 mg, while potassium chloride and other poisons are also used.

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