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Istanbul Church Transforms into a Mosque

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

21st Aug, 2020. 11:36 pm
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The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has placed another aged Orthodox Church as well as a famous Istanbul gallery to be converted into a mosque. 

The choice to transform the Kariye Museum in a mosque began merely a month after a questionable exchange for the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised Hagia Sophia. The judgment on the subject was written in Turkey’s formal publication this Friday.

The 1,000-year-old building’s story almost follows the Hagia Sophia – its more prominent acquaintance on the famous western edge of the Golden Horn on the European front of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Holy Saviour in Chora was an ancient Byzantine church adorned with 14th-century frescoes of the Ultimate experience that live appreciated in the Christian atmosphere.

It was basically turned into the Kariye Mosque half a hundred years right after the 1453 victory of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

It grew the Kariye Museum following World War II as Turkey started forward with the production of a major temporal new government out of the dust of the Ottoman Empire.

A gathering of American architecture archaeologists then served to replace the primary church’s collections and initiated them up for an unrestricted appearance in 1958.

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