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UNSC dismisses US demand to impose ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2020. 10:40 am
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UNSC dismisses US demand to impose 'snapback' sanctions on Iran

The United Nations Security Council has dismissed US demand to impose ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran.

The President of UNSC said that it was “not in position to take further action” on a bid by the United States to trigger “snapback” sanctions against Iran.

Indonesia’s UN ambassador, Dian Triansyah Djani, remarked on Tuesday while responding to a question from Russia and China during a council meeting on the Middle East.

According to AFP, the move by the UNSC president infuriated US ambassador to the UN, who accused the opposing countries of supporting the “terrorists”.

“Let me just make it really, really clear: the Trump administration has no fear in standing in limited company on this matter,” US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft hit back after Djani spoke.

“I only regret that other members of this council have lost their way and now find themselves standing in the company of terrorists.”

The Trump administration accuses Iran of failing to comply with the terms of 2015 Iran nuclear deal. It has demanded the Security Council to reimpose sanctions on Iran. 

Thirteen of the 15 Council members had written to the Indonesian presidency to reject its validity.

The US “is alone” in their approach, and “their ultimate goal is to destroy the nuclear agreement when they have already imposed (national) sanctions on Iran,” one diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity told AFP.

Another said that, with the sound rejection of the US bid by almost the entire Council, “normally the matter is closed.”

“We reminded members of our right under Resolution 2231 to trigger snapback, and our firm intent to do so in the absence of courage and moral clarity by the Council,” stated US ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft.

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