Lady Diana once buried a body in garden, told her butler

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

13th Sep, 2020. 06:13 pm
Lady Diana once buried a body in garden, told her butler

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana was one of the most loved members of the Royal family. Her life was full of suspense and mysteries that decades after her death, shocking news things come forth in front of the public.

Paul Burrell, her former butler disclosed a new secret of Lady Diana. In his book The Way We Are, Burrell wrote that Lady Diana had once used the garden to bury her best friend’s stillborn baby.

The details in the book revealed that in the year 1994, Diana’s best friend Rosa Monckton had given birth to a stillborn baby and the Princess of Wales secretly buried the baby in the garden.

Her best friend Monckton also confirmed the incident. Monckton told Burrell when he asked how did the princess get the permission to get set past security.

“I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden. Only you, I, and Rosa will know it’s a baby,” said Monckton.

Monckton also remembered how heartbroken she was during the emotional ceremony in the garden after which Lady Diana gave the key of the garden to her, which still is in her possession.


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