North Korean Military shot and burned Seoul national

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2020. 02:08 pm
South korea

North Korean Military shot and burned the body of a South Korean national, the defense official of Seoul confirmed on Thursday.

According to the details, North Korea fatally shot a missing South Korean fisheries official and burned his body earlier this week.

The victim, 47, was an employee of the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, went missing on Monday while on an inspection boat patrolling waters roughly 6 miles south of the Northern Limit Line, the disputed maritime boundary between the two countries.

The official was picked up and questioned on a North Korean patrol boat out at sea and then executed on orders from a “superior authority,”

Presidential office of South Korea condemned the killing on Thursday afternoon.

“It cannot be justified for any reason that the North Korean military shot an unarmed citizen who was not resisting and destroyed the body,” Suh Choo-suk, deputy director of the national security office, said in a statement.

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