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TikTok claims life of 15-year-old girl in Oklahoma, US

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

06th Sep, 2020. 12:32 am
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TikTok has claimed the life of a 15-year-old girl in Oklahoma, US. As per details, the girl, identified as Chloe Philips, took an excessive amount of anti-allergy medicines as part of a TikTok challenge.

The challenge was trending as ‘Benadryl Challenge’ on August 21.

As per details, her parents took her to the hospital in a critical situation, where she was later pronounced dead. Her aunt, Janette Sissy Leasure, took to social media to warn parents of the activities the children can engage in which may take the precious life of their loved ones.

Ms. Leasure wrote,

“This needs to stop taking our kids or putting them in the hospital. Don’t let it take any more kids. “I don’t want to see any families go through what we are going through right now. Don’t ever say this can’t happen to you.”

The so-called ‘Benadryl Challenge’ dares TikTokers to consume excessive amounts of the anti-allergies to experience a high. This drug consumption can cause hallucinations, however, overdoing it can kill a person.

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