‘Trump behaves like a mobster’ Former lawyer Michael Cohen claims

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Sep, 2020. 09:20 am
'Trump behaves like a mobster' Former lawyer Michael Cohen claims

US President Donald Trump behaves like a mobster and has “a low opinion of all black people”. President’s former lawyer Michael Cohen declared something shocking!

The former lawyer wrote a new book ‘disloyal: A Memoir’. He wrote it during his jail term for Trump campaign finance violations. 

He revealed that Trump had made racist comments about Nelson Mandela and Hispanics. 

“As a rule, Trump expressed low opinions of all black folks, from music to culture and politics,” Cohen writes in his book.

He also claimed that Mr. Trump said that the late South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela was “no leader”.

Cohen mentioned that Trump once said, “Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a shithole. They are all complete [expletive] toilets”.

On the other hand, Cohen also claimed that Trump has “hatred and contempt” for the former president Barack Obama. 

“Trump hired a ‘Faux-Bama’ to participate in a video in which Trump ‘ritualistically belittled the first black president and then fired him’,” Cohen writes.

According to Cohen, Mr. Trump once said: “I will never get the Hispanic vote. Like the blacks, they’re too stupid to vote for Trump. They’re not my people.”

How did the White House respond?

The White House said that Cohen is lying.

“Cohen is a disgraced felon and disbarred lawyer, who lied to Congress,” press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement at the weekend. “He has lost all credibility, and it’s unsurprising to see his latest attempt to profit off of lies.”

Mr. Trump told reporters: “I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you have ever interviewed.”

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