Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

27th Sep, 2020. 10:24 am
Amy Coney Barett

Amy Coney Barrett, a favorite of social media consecutives, has been nominated as the new US Supreme Court Justice. 

President Donald Trump spoke by her side at the White House Rose Garden. He called her a “woman of unparalleled achievement”.

Barrett is likely to replace liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Donald Trump described her as a “stellar scholar and judge” with “unyielding loyalty to the constitution”.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden urged the Senate not to “act on this vacancy until after the American people select their next president and the next Congress”.

“The United States Constitution was designed to give the voters one chance to have their voice heard on who serves on the Court. That moment is now and their voice should be heard,” he said.

Conservative-leaning justices will arrange to get a 6-3 majority on the US’s highest court for the foreseeable future if Barrett is confirmed.

Who is Amy Coney Barett?

Amy is a popular figure among religious conservatives that keen to overturn the landmark 1973 that legalized abortion. She is called the devout catholic who said that “life begins at conception”.

She has supported Trump over hardline immigration policies and expressed views in favor of expansive gun rights.

According to BBC, she was confirmed by Senate in a 55-43 vote in October 2017 after a tough process. She was one of the names the president considered to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy in 2017.

She worked as a clerk late Justice Antonin Scalia after graduating from Notre Dame University Law School in Indiana. Born in New Orleans, she is married to a former federal prosecutor in South Bend, Indiana, and together they have seven children.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away at the age of 87. 

The statement by the court said that she died of metastatic pancreatic cancer at her home in Washington, DC.

Ginsburg was an iconic champion of human rights, she was a renowned feminist who became a pioneer for liberals in the US. 

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