British PM’s Father Apologizes For Not Wearing Mask While Shopping

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Oct, 2020. 07:13 pm
British PM's Father Apologizes For Not Wearing Mask While Shopping

Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has apologized for shopping without wearing a face mask.

According to reports, two days ago, the Daily Mirror published a picture of Stanley Johnson in which he was seen violating the SOPs related to the coronavirus by not wearing a mask.

The father of the British Prime Minister’s Father was seen without a mask at a time when the fine for not wearing a mask in the country was increased to $200 last week.

Speaking to the newspaper, Stanley Johnson said that he may not have complied with the existing rules at 100 per cent as he had recently returned to England after spending 3 weeks abroad.

He said that he is very sorry for that and he urges everyone to do what they can to ensure that the rules on masks and social distance are enforced.

Stanley Johnson added that the fact that this was his first day in the UK after 3 weeks back from abroad, he has no excuse for not knowing the rules.

On the other hand, during a press conference in Downing Street yesterday, Boris Johnson had urged the public to follow the instructions regarding coronavirus.

He said that keep in mind that these fines are worth considering and will be imposed.

It should be noted that from July 24, the use of masks has been made mandatory in shops and public transport in the UK.

Later last week, the government extended the ban to theatres, restaurants and bars.

It is not the first time Stanley Johnson has violated a ban.

Earlier in July, he had violated a Foreign Office directive to avoid unnecessary travel. He travelled to Greece and defended it.

He also admitted to violating the lockdown rules by going out to buy a newspaper after his grandson was born in April during the lockdown.

Stanley Johnson hinted in March that he would ignore the government’s directive and go to the pub.


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