Coronavirus: Italy tightens measures after cases surge

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Oct, 2020. 10:57 am
coronavirus in Italy

Italy has tightened its security measures after coronavirus cases have surged in the country.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the measures were needed “to avoid a new lockdown”.

As per the details, mayors will get the authority to close public areas after 21:00 local time and the opening timings of restaurants and the size of groups permitted will also be tightened.

In a televised address, the PM said, “We cannot waste time, we must put in place measures to avoid a generalized lockdown, which could severely compromise the economy.
“The government is here but everyone has to do their part.”

He added, “The most effective measures remain the basic precautions: mask, distance, and hand hygiene. We must pay attention to situations where we let our guard down – with relatives and friends. In these situations, the maximum precaution is required.”

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The measures come as Italy reported its highest daily infection rate for the second day. Around 11,705 new COvid-19 cases were reported on Sunday whereas 10,925 new cases were reported on Saturday.

According to the international news agency, the following new measures have been taken.

  • Changes in schooling mainly affect older pupils in high schools. Starting times will be later and more distance-learning will be encouraged
  • Bars and restaurants to close at midnight, but after 18:00 only table service will be allowed. The maximum in a group will be six
  • Local conferences and festivals are suspended
  • Amateur contact sports must stop
  • Gyms and swimming pools will have to adapt to new protocols within seven days.
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