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COVID-19: Europe Tightening Measures For Second Wave

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

29th Oct, 2020. 01:53 pm
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COVID-19: Second Wave

As suggested by experts England approximately one million people in England are catching COVID-19 viruses every single day.

Imperial College London’s report suggests that the rate of the outbreak is moving very quickly and reports that every nine days the rate of patients diagnosed is doubled.

“We are at a” critical stage “and” something has to change, “the writers conclude.

The government of the United Kingdom sticks to its regional policy.

Experts have already alerted about the situation and claimed that we are quickly approaching the highest number of infections reported in spring.

In the country, the most latest and influential study is React-1 regarding the covid-19. It features the latest swab samples of around 86,000 volunteers.

It is also reported that every region of London with every age group cases are growing. The highest number of reported cases are from North of England but the South of England is also seeing a surge in cases.

The analysis contrasted the most recent swabs obtained from 16 to 25 October to the last round of blood samples from 18 September to 5 October.

The study revealed that,

  • One is infected in every 78 people.
  • the worst areas to be affected are Yorkshire, Humber followed by North West of London.
  • The age group of 66-64 is affected thrice times whereas over people aged above 65 are affected twice.
  • Every ninth day the number of people contracting the virus is doubling.
  • The South of England is following the trend of Northern England where rising cases are reported among youngsters.
  • Every day around 96,000 people are reported to catch the virus.

Prof Steven Riley while expressing his disappointment towards the existing measure stated that, “There has to be a change, the rate of growth is really quite rapid, one way or another there has to be a change before Christmas.”

He further added, “If we are going to consider at some point over the winter something much more stringent it becomes a question of timing. I think these results do argue for something sooner rather than later.’

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