French teacher to be beheaded in Paris over Islamophobia

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

27th Oct, 2020. 03:35 pm

The Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy’s (IMSD) members have sentenced the beheading of a school teacher in Paris, Samuel Paty. The act is to be carried out by an 18 year old Muslim, Abdullah Anzorov, who was offended by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) shown to the class on the topic of free speech given by the teacher.

“We are here to condemn in unequivocal terms, no ifs and buts, not only the man responsible for this barbaric act but all those who had any role in the instigation of the crime as also all those who seek to justify it. We are here not just to condemn the slaying of Mr Paty, but also to demand the abolishing of apostasy and banishing of blasphemy anywhere and everywhere across the world,” Javed Anand, convenor of the IMSD, said during a webinar organized by the IMSD.

“Respectfully, the Paris beheading is a wake-up call to the ulema and leaders of the Muslim world. It is time for both the clergy and the parents to instruct children that such acts of violence are not only detested and abhorred by Islam but are in total contradiction to Islam’s reverence for peace, explicit recognition of tolerance, compassion, social equality, high moral order and spiritual depth,” said Islamic scholar, Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali.

She argued that killing people for blasphemy or apostasy is not allowed in Islam as it contradicts its teachings.

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