Nigeria: Tension Rises After Police In Lagos Opens Fire On Protesters

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Oct, 2020. 09:45 pm
Nigeria: Tension Rises After Police In Lagos Opens Fire On Protesters

Tension increased after several people were killed in firing on peaceful Protesters by police Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos and protesters torched several buildings.

According to the foreign news agency, AFP, eyewitnesses said after curfew was imposed the police opened fire on a crowd to disperse the demonstrators.

“We were sitting peacefully when they turned off the lights and billboards and everyone started screaming,” said an eyewitness.

“After that, they came to us and started firing, after which everyone ran for their lives,” he said.

Photos and videos shared on social media after the shooting showed chaos everywhere.

Police have been condemned globally from shooting at demonstrators, while Nigeria’s President Mohammad Buhari requested the public to show restraint.

Hundreds of people took to the streets on Wednesday to protest the shooting in South Africa, the continent’s most economically strong country.

The Lagos governor initially insisted there were no casualties in the shooting, but later said authorities were investigating the death of a man shot in the head.

He said that 25 people were also injured in the incident.

Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the Nigerian army indiscriminately fired on people.

A Nigerian researcher affiliated with the group said: “The administration should immediately withdraw the troops stationed on the streets and identify the officers responsible for the firing and take action against them.”

The Nigerian military has called the reports of firing on protesters “false news” on Twitter.

Amnesty International, on the other hand, said it was investigating the death toll.

Despite the curfew, several buildings were set on fire around the scene of Wednesday’s shooting, and army troops were seen patrolling the streets.

In another district, a bus station was set on fire and clashes broke out between youths and police at various places.

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