Pope Francis Calls For Legal Protection For Same Sex Couple

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Oct, 2020. 12:20 am
Pope Francis Calls For Legal Protection For Same Sex Couple

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the papacy, for the first time publicly supported homosexuals and demanded social and legal protection for them.

According to the details, Pope Francis’ documentary was screened at the Rome Film Festival in Rome, Italy, in which he supported homosexuals for the first time.

Pope Francis said they too had a social and legal right to full protection.

Pope Francis said in a nearly two-hour documentary, “Francesco”, that he called for the legal and social protection of homosexuals and stood by them.

The spiritual leader of the papacy said that homosexuals also have the right to live as a family and that such couples should be protected.

He said that homosexuals have the same right to live as a couple as other people have and  laws should be made for gay people.

Pope Francis said in the documentary that homosexuals should not be ostracized and should be seen as a family.

In the documentary, Pope Francis was seen talking about the role of women in papacy and praising the role of women in church services.

Pope Francis also spoke in the documentary about the devastation and disasters caused by environmental pollution around the world and how much humanity in the world is fighting for its survival.

After Pope Francis publicly supported homosexuality, he became the first papacy spiritual leader to support people with controversial sexual orientations.

Although he supported homosexuals when he took over as Pope Francis in 2013, he has previously spoken out in support of homosexuals as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Homosexuality is considered a sinful and unacceptable practice in almost every religion, including the papacy, and the church has opposed it for thousands of years.

However, for the first time, many people are shocked by the statement made by a religious leader of the world’s largest population in favor of homosexuals, and Pope Francis and Vatican City are being asked to explain further.

Some Christian clerics around the world have expressed surprise at Pope Francis’ statement, calling it anti-Christian, but Vatican City has not yet responded to criticism.

Pope Francis, who took over as spiritual leader in 2013, became Pope Benedict after the resignation of Pope Benedict, a former Christian spiritual leader.

Pope Benedict was the first pope to resign in 600 years.

The spiritual leader of Christians is called the Pope and is headquartered in Vatican City, also known as the center of the papacy.

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