Saudi Arabia will host An International Summit On AI in Oct

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

21st Oct, 2020. 04:14 pm
In October, Saudi Arabia will host an international summit on artificial intelligence.

This year Saudi Arabia is hosting an event for the Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit (GAIS) named “AI for the Good of Humanity”.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia planned an Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) event which was run from Oct. 7 to 8, under the sponsorship of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

However, it will happen virtually along with safety measures for the protection of participants from COVID-19.

The conference is aimed to initiate global dialogues by uniting decision-makers, specialists, and experts dealing in government and private sectors from the national and international levels. Moreover, the global dialogues will revolve around assisting people in recovering from the pandemic and shape AI trends. It will also include technology firms, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Among the members will be many recognized speakers and worldwide specialists from various countries. These speakers will discuss topics divided into four sections: ‘Shaping the New Normal,’ ‘AI and Governments,’ ‘Governing AI’ and ‘The Future of AI.’

Officials during the summit will announce the launch of an initiative recently embraced by King Salman.

It includes national data and AI strategy in Saudi Arabia to advance the Kingdom’s plan for world hegemony through the implementation of a data-driven economy and AI.

Muhammad Khurram Khan, instructor of cybersecurity at the University of King Saud asserted that “The goals of the GAIS are aligned with the vision of Saudi Arabia to become a vibrant, ambitious, and thriving nation by using the power of data, digital transformation, and AI.”

“This event will enable local organizations, scientists, academics, professionals, and decision-makers to learn and exchange knowledge about new frontiers of AI,” Khan added.

Khan, who is also the founder and CEO of Washington D.C.’s Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research told, that the global summit would feature the tech-stance and path of the Kingdom toward turning into a sustainable information-driven economy.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we live, work, and perform businesses. In the near future, it is expected to make greater positive impacts on our society and socio-economic system.”

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