Trump can resolve the Kashmir and Palestine issue in his second term, says Sajid Tarar

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

16th Oct, 2020. 10:22 am
Sajid Tarar Donald Trump

Republican member Sajid Tarar, founder of Muslims for Trump, claimed that President Donald Trump can President Trump can resolve the Kashmir and Palestine issue in his second term.

Sajid Tarar claimed while talking to BOL News reporter Kausar Javed that President Trump can easily defeat his rival Joe Biden in the November’s election. Tarar explained that Mr. Trump has accomplished things in 4 years which Joe Biden could not achieve in 50 years.

Reporter Kausar Javed asked Mr. Tarar if Trump can win the forthcoming election. Tarar replied that he can win as the list of his achievement is long. Tarar elaborated that the unemployment rate reached 3.4 percent by Trump’s administration.

In addition to this, Tarar also explained that Trump was an anti-war person, as he called back his troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He also said that Trump seriously considered border conflicts.

On the other hand, Kausar Javed also asked Mr. Tarar if President Trump supports Muslims. Tarar replied that the president is not anti-Muslim. He said that 17 percent of Muslims had voted for Trump in the previous elections. But 30 percent of Muslims are likely to vote for Trump this time.

Sajid Tarar said that Donald Trump is the new hope for Muslims as he has earlier presented Middle-east peace plan. He also said that Trump’s first official visit after the last election was to Saudi Arabia.


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