Turkey condemns Armenian attacks on civilians in Azerbaijan city, Ganja

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

04th Oct, 2020. 10:39 pm
Armenia Azerbaijan

Turkey has condemned the “attacks on civilians” on Sunday by Armenia and its forces on the Azerbaijan city of Ganja over the disputed breakaway region Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said in a statement that,

“Armenia’s attacks today targeting civilians in Azerbaijan’s second-largest city Ganja are a new indicator of its stance that does not recognize the law. We condemn those attacks.”

In the Armenia-Azerbaijan clash, Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan over the Armenian breakaway region, which Baku considers under Armenian seizure.

The FM highlighted that Turkey and Azerbaijan have strong relations and both the countries consider themselves “one nation, two states.”

The clash over Karabakh which started seven days ago got intensified after Armenian and Azerbaijani forces exchanged rocket fires on Sunday.

The Defence Minister of Azerbaijan said that Ganja was also “under fire”, while Armenian forces claimed to have destroyed an airbase there.

On the other hand, the Turkish Foreign Ministry has accused Armenian forces of “violating all principles of humanitarian law and attacking civilian settlement areas besides the occupied regions, the scene of clashes.”

“Those attacks show… Armenia will not hesitate to commit a crime of humanity in order to continue its illegal occupation,” the ministry said, referring the country as “the biggest obstacle to peace and stability in the region.”

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