UN Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Nagorno-Karabakh

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Oct, 2020. 10:45 pm
UN Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Nagorno-Karabakh

Michelle Bachelet, head of the UN human rights body, expressed concern over the loss of human lives in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh and urged both Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately end the two-week war.

According to the details, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said there was “grave concern” in recent days over reports of shelling and shelling of densely populated areas around the conflict.

“There is an urgent need for a ceasefire because of the impact on civilians,” she said.

A statement from Michelle Belchet’s office said 53 civilians, including children, had been killed in the fighting, which began on September 27, but could not be confirmed.

“I urge all parties to adhere to international humanitarian law to protect citizens and their property during times of tension,” she said.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights’ statement comes as the foreign ministers of both Armenia and Azerbaijan are expected to meet in Moscow and it is hoped that a solution will be found to end the tension.

Fresh clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh have so far killed 400 people, including soldiers, and displaced thousands of civilians, according to reports.

Michelle Bachelet said all parties to the conflict must refrain from using explosive devices to engage civilians.

She also asked other countries with influence on both sides to play a role in curbing tensions, international law and the protection of citizens.

“Cluster bombs and other bombs have been dropped in the region, most of which have not been detonated but could lead to casualties later,” she said.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights said that “the use of such weapons should be avoided immediately” and called on the parties to refrain from using provocative and divisive language.

“At the moment, there are hate speeches everywhere and statements that cause mutual inhumanity and tension have led to controversy and loss of life,” she said.

She warned that tensions could affect efforts to control the coronavirus in the region.

Noted that for the first time, a formal international effort was made yesterday to reduce tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, where the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister was scheduled to meet with representatives of a group of Russia, the United States and France.

The three countries, known as the OSCE Minsk Group, have been working to end the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Negro-Karabakh region since the 1990s, and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jehon Beramov was scheduled to meet with group representatives.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan and Armenia had clashed with separatists in Karabakh since independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, killing 30,000 people in the early years.

Negotiations between the two countries to resolve the dispute have made little progress since 1994.

Pro-Armenian separatists seized control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region from Baku in the 1990s.

Later, France, Russia and the United States acted as mediators, but in 2010 the peace agreement was terminated once again.

Fresh clashes in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh erupted on September 27, killing at least 23 people on the first day, while Russia and Turkey called for an immediate end to tensions.

Clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia have so far killed more than 244 people and targeted several cities.

The Nagorno-Karabakh region covers an area of ​​4,400 square kilometres and is 50 kilometres from the Armenian border. Armenia, with the help of local fighters, invaded and occupied the territory of Azerbaijan from outside the region.

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