Why Queen Elizabeth is in financial crisis?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

29th Oct, 2020. 07:59 pm
Queen Elizabeth

Ever since the government had refused to pay the crown additional money for Berkshire castle’s restorations, the crowned Queen Elizabeth has been facing a financial crisis.

The officials have also asked the royals to restore the case with their personal grants instead of the additional compensation by taxpayers.

“The Queen and Prince Philip were dropped into it beyond their necks, right up to their eyebrows,” said Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary.

“Seemed like a rather sad, old lady at that moment. But things got worse because the Government said that they would pay. In other words, the taxpayers would pay for the repairs at Windsor Castle. And this caused outrage.”

It should be mentioned here that the castle was burned down back in 1992. The fire had damaged the whole castle that it needs full-time work of many years to completely restore and almost £36.5 million is its estimated bill.

Jennie Bond, a news host revealed that at the time of the horrific incident, “Philip was in Argentina” and “he spent long hours that evening on the phone to the Queen trying to comfort her because she was absolutely distraught by what was happening.”

“Philip decided he would take a leading role in the restoration project and it’s just the sort of thing a practical man like him could get on with really well.”

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