India: More Than 30 Monkeys Die From Suspected Poisoning

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Nov, 2020. 08:37 pm
India: More Than 30 Monkeys Die From Suspected Poisoning

More than 30 monkeys died from suspected poisoning and packed in gunny sacks in Mahabubabad district of Telangana, India.

According to the Indian media, a forest department official said on Wednesday that the bodies of the dead monkeys were found on a hillock near Shanigapuram village in the district on Tuesday.

He said that the dead monkeys include young ones and the incident occurred in a highly decomposed state, postmortem could not be conducted, a forest department added.

The matter is under investigating and Police and forest officials are inquiring people from nearby villages.

“The monkeys are suspected to have been poisoned to death. As of now who has done this act is not clear.

Whether farmers (to protect their crop) or someone else. We are inquiring,” the official told Press Trust of India (PTI) over the phone.

Earlier in June this year, villagers hanged the monkey till death for entering the village, after which the police have arrested three people.

A monkey in the Indian state of Telangana was allegedly subjected to extreme brutality.

On the day of the incident, when a group of monkeys entered the village, the main accused Sadhu Rao and two others tried to chase them with sticks, during which a monkey fell and fainted.

The villagers thought the monkey had died and decided to hang it from a tree to scare the other monkeys so that they would stop entering the village. However, the monkey regained consciousness and was caught by three young men. Thet not just even hanged the monkey from a tree but also left their hounds on the monkey who was swinging on the rope.

Monkey hanged till death in India by Villagers

The rest of the villagers did not object to the atrocities committed against the monkeys.

According to Indian media, the villagers said that they took this step to teach a lesson to other monkeys and to scare them. Later, the police arrested three persons involved in the incident under Section 9 of the Wildlife Protection Act for hunting wild animals and the case was registered.

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