REVEALED: Muslims in UK Labour party suffer from religious hatred

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

15th Nov, 2020. 11:54 am

A recent report has revealed that one in four Muslims in the Labour party suffers from anti-Muslim sentiments.

According to the details one in four Muslims, as quoted by the report of Labour Muslims Network, have experienced Islamophobia within the ranks of the United Kingdom’s main opposition party.

Muslims, in the above mentioned political party, have been subject to stereotypes of grooming gangs and accused of plotting planned takeovers.

The Network carried out the survey, according to which  55 per cent did not trust the party to tackle anti-Muslim sentiment.

In the 2017 general election, an estimated 85 per cent of Muslims supported the Labour Party compared with 11 per cent of who voted for the ruling right-wing Conservatives.

It is also pertinent to mention here that, according to the home figures, of 6,822 religious hate crimes recorded by the police from 2019 to 2020, half were targeted towards Muslims.

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