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After UK, Mutant COVID Strain Discovered In South Africa

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Dec, 2020. 06:00 pm
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After UK, Mutant COVID Strain Discovered In South Africa

Recently, a new strain of the novel coronavirus was discovered in the UK, but now mutant COVID strain has emerged in Africa, which is spreading more rapidly in the country.

South African scientists and medical officials have announced the discovery of this new strain of coronavirus.

This type of analysis is being closely monitored by scientists because it has resulted in a number of changes within the virus, which makes it more easily attached to human cells.

This type of COVID has been dubbed 501.V2, which in the initial analysis proved to be more rapidly spreading and capable of increasing the viral load in the body.

This new strain is different from the strain discovered in the UK and is more contagious than the original virus.

No effect on the severity of the disease has yet been discovered with this new strain, while the findings of local scientists have not yet been reviewed by other scientists or published in a journal.

Dr Saleem Abdul Karim, co-chairman of the South African Code Ministerial Advisory Committee, said: “There is cause for concern because we have seen a virus that can spread very fast.

He emphasized that public behaviour was a key factor in the increase in cases.

Mild changes in the genetic sequences of viruses after they have spread to humans are part of the norm, usually mutations, not mutations, but more specific types, but more common in scientists around the world. By analyzing such changes in grapes, it is known how they affect their spread, the severity of the disease, and the response to treatments and vaccines.

A mutation in a new strain of the virus in South Africa, known as N512Y, has occurred in the sequence code of the virus’s spike protein.

This mutation has also been discovered in other countries, including Australia, which gives the virus the ability to control its spread.

A similar announcement was made by the UK this week that a new species discovered there was spreading rapidly in London, although no connection has yet been established.

The species discovered in South Africa is now found in 90% of the sequences in this country.

“Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Dr John Kingsong, director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Travel bans

Following the discovery of a new strain of the coronavirus in South Africa, several countries have announced travel bans.

Several countries, including Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland, have announced a halt to flights to and from South Africa.

It should be noted that more than 930,000 cases and 24,907 deaths have been confirmed in South Africa so far.

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