Armenian Newspaper Advises To Drop Atomic Bomb On Azerbaijan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Dec, 2020. 07:56 pm
Armenian Newspaper Advises To Drop Atomic Bomb On Azerbaijan

The Armenian newspaper published in the United States advised the use of atomic bombs against Azerbaijan and its citizens in its editorial.

According to the details, the Armenian newspaper Asbarez, in order to avenge the defeat of Azerbaijan, called for the use of atomic bombs against the people of Azerbaijan.

The agency called for retaliation, saying that any nuclear weapon against Azerbaijan should be used to turn the capital, Baku, into a barren land for the next five years.

The agency suggested that “Why not take the nuclear waste from Metzamor and manufacture dirty bombs?”

“Please do not tell me about weapons of mass destruction when Turks and Azeri used them against civilians without any pressure from anyone,” the author claimed without any evidence.

Azerbaijan’s Consul General in the United States has strongly condemned the Armenian newspaper’s controversial statement on nuclear weapons.

He condemned the agency and called on the US administration, including the FBI and LAPD, to act in accordance with local law on controversial statements regarding the use of nuclear weapons.

Armenia and Azerbaijan announced a ceasefire agreement on November 10 after the worst fighting and it was celebrated as a victory in Azerbaijan.

The Armenian prime minister called it a tragedy and said there was no choice but to give up.

The Azerbaijani army had entered the Aghdam district, the first area returned by Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan said that under a Russian-mediated agreement, Armenian separatists had recaptured the Aghdam district in Nagorno-Karabakh, where Azerbaijani forces had entered.

In this regard, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said that the army has reached one of the three areas returned to Azerbaijan, while the Armenian army and soldiers had evacuated the area a day earlier.

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