Biden and Harris named Time’s Person of the Year

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Dec, 2020. 11:55 am
Joe Biden Kamala Harris

US President-elect Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris have been declared as Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2020.

“The Biden-Harris ticket represents something historic,” Time tweeted.

Kamala and Biden beat three other finalists: frontline healthcare workers and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the racial justice movement, and President Donald Trump, who lost the White House race.

“For changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year,” wrote Time’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal.

The democratic due is yet to publicly speak on the announcement.

Time magazine has been choosing and presenting the year’s most influential person since 1927.

According to the international news agency, Time chooses a person, a group, an idea, or an object every year that “for better or for worse” has had the most impact on the events over the 12 months.

Winners of 2020:

Guardians of the year

Dr. Anthony Fauci, “On the front line against Covide-19, the world’s health care workers displayed the best of humanity – selflessness, compassion, stamina, courage – while protecting as much of it as they could,” Time wrote.

Porche Bennett-Bey, Assa Traoré, and racial-justice organizers “When George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in May, it was proof – if anyone needed it – that Black lives are still not treated as equal in America. In the aftermath of his death, a wave of outrage surged and was harnessed by organizers, both veteran and newly energized, to bring millions to the streets and spotlight the inequities in a world that claims to be far better than it is,” Time said

Businessperson of the year

Zoom’s founder and CEO Eric S. Yuan.“Zoom… became a lifeline for fostering community at a moment of acute isolation,” Time stated

Athlete of the Year:

LeBron James, US basketball star

Entertainer of the Year:

South Korean pop group BTS

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