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COVID Reaches Antarctica, 36 People Stationed At Research Base Infected

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Dec, 2020. 10:41 pm
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COVID Reaches Antarctica, 36 People Stationed At Research Base Infected

The coronavirus has reached the last continent of the world, no cases of the coronavirus had been reported in the continent Antarctica, but now the first cases of COVID-19 have been reported at a research centre in the República de Chile country of Latin American.

At the Chilean research base, 26 Chilean military personnel and 10 other personnel were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The report on these cases came out on December 21 at the General Bernardo O’Higgins Reclamation Research Base.

The Chilean military said in a statement that “timely precautionary measures have been taken to diagnose COVID-19 in these individuals.”

According to the report, three crew members of a ship assisting the research centre were also diagnosed with COVID-19 on their return from the Antarctica mission.

The 36 people diagnosed with Code 19 in Antarctica have been transferred to Ponta Arenas, Chile, where they are in isolation and in stable condition.

There are 13 research centres in Antarctica, Chile.

All major research projects to protect Antarctica from the virus have been thwarted, affecting the work of scientists around the world.

By the way, there is no permanent population in Antarctica, but there are a thousand researchers and other people living there during the winter.

In March of this year, when a worldwide lockdown was being implemented to prevent Code 19, the Antarctic Program agreed that the epidemic could be catastrophic on the continent.

Where cold weather and strong winds can be dangerous for people working in research centres.

According to a document by the Council of Managers of the National Antarctic Program, a highly contagious novel virus can spread more deadly and rapidly in the harsh environment of Antarctica, where medical facilities are limited.

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