India: This Muslim Doctor Treats Her Patients For Just Rs 10

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th Dec, 2020. 07:52 pm
India: This Muslim Doctor Treats Her Patients For Just Rs 10

In a country like India, where other minorities, including Muslims, and even lower caste Hindus are mistreated, there is a young Muslim female doctor who treats everyone without religious discrimination.

Dr Noori Parveen provides treatment for a nominal charge to the patient in its private clinic in Karpa district of Andhra Pradesh.

Telugu-language TV channel ETV Andhra Pradesh reported that Muslim doctor Noori Parveen herself belongs to a middle-class family, but she appears to be serving humanity without the lure of making more money.

The report said that the young Muslim female doctor receives a check-up fee of only Rs. 10 from every Muslim, Hindu, Christian and other patients in her private clinic.

The Indian newspaper Siyasat said that Dr Noori Parveen had passed the competitive examination and obtained a medical seat and she started serving the poor immediately after completing her medical education.

According to the report, Dr Noori Parveen was born into a middle-class Muslim family in Vijayawada, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, and received her medical education from Kapada, where she now runs a private clinic.

While Dr Noori Parveen charges only Rs. 10 for a check-up, she also charges only Rs. 50 for a bedridden patient.

Dr Noori Parveen said that at least 40 underprivileged patients visit her daily.

While Dr Noori Parveen checks patients for very low fees, she also runs a social organization and has helped dozens of poor families with rations during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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