Jordan Sanctuary Welcomes Suzie & Babloo From Islamabad Zoo

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

17th Dec, 2020. 02:43 pm
Suzie & Babloo

The Islamabad zoo bears Suzie and Babloo have now entered the Jordanian sanctuary of Al Ma’Wa for Nature and Wildlife.

A team from Four Paws and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board transported them to the sanctuary.

On Monday, the proposal to move them to Jordan was accepted.

However, when the Ministry of Climate Change revoked the permit of moving the bears then the contempt notice was given by the court.

The Ministry of Climate Change and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board denied, according to an order sheet released by Chief Justice Athar Minallah, to relocate the two Himalayan brown bears.

“The Ministry of Climate Change has canceled the bears’ export permit despite directives issued by the court.”

It is also stated the weather of Islamabad is not ideal for meeting the two bears’ psychological, social, and behavioral needs. “Keeping the bears at the Islamabad zoo will expose them to unnecessary pain and suffering.”

The Ministry of Climate Change told that the amendments in the decision took place because the Ayubia National Park proposed to take care of them. However, the decision was largely condemned by social workers and activists.

Previously, Kavaan the elephant after surviving alone for years in Islamabad’s zoo was transferred to Cambodia. The condition of a 35-year-old elephant made international headlines which revealed the shockingly bad situation of the zoo in Islamabad.

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