Post-Brexit Deal: EU, Britain Are Not On The Same Page

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Dec, 2020. 06:21 pm
Post-Brexit Deal: EU, Britain Are Not On The Same Page

BRUSSELS: Negotiators from Britain and the European Union have launched a possible last two-day struggle to secure the Brexit trade deal after failing to reach an agreement for eight months.

According to the reports, David Frost and Michel Barnier commenced the talks from where they left off at the EU headquarters in Brussels for a week. The two-day stalemate in fruitless talks has ended.

David Frost told reporters that they are working hard for a deal and they will see what happens in the negotiations today.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will reportedly lobby for European leaders after meeting with the head of the European Union and Sola von der Leyen.

The next meeting between the two leaders will take place on Monday, after which the 27 leaders of the European Union will meet on Thursday for a two-day meeting in Brussels to resolve their budget disputes, which will once again be blurred by Bridget’s concerns.

A joint statement was issued after meeting with Sola von der Leyen and Boris Johnson, but divisions remain over the rights of aquatic life, fair trade rules and procedures for enforcing any deal.

The statement said that given the seriousness of these differences, they agreed to make further efforts to address them.

Ireland is the EU member state that would be most affected by the absence of an agreement, and its foreign minister, Simon Coveney, insisted that the agreement be reached to protect the economy from further damage.

Irish foreign minister said that there is no political justification for failure and certainly no economic or social justification.

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