Saudi Arabia: Registration For COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Is Now Open

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th Dec, 2020. 06:41 pm
Saudi Arabia: Registration For COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Is Now Open

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health has commenced registration for citizens and residents who have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine through the mobile application.

Saudi citizens and residents can register their names through the link (, The volunteers will be vaccinated for free by the government.

Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last Thursday approved the use in the kingdom of the Covid-19 vaccine, developed in partnership with US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer’s German company Biowin Tech.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), “the authority had decided to approve the registration of the vaccine on the basis of data provided by Pfizer on November 24. The company’s vaccine will now be imported for use in the country.” ‘

The Food and Drug Authority had conducted a detailed review of the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine and held several meetings to review the data provided by the company. Local and international experts and scientists were also present. In the meetings with the representative, the authority had asked various questions.

In Saudi Arabia, the Pfizer vaccine will be administered in three phases. In the first phase, priority will be given to citizens and residents over 65 years of age. The vaccine will be given first.

According to the Ministry of Health, people suffering from obesity, diabetes or asthma, chronic kidney and heart disease will also be vaccinated against coronavirus in the first phase.

In the second phase, people over the age of 50, medical staff left in the first phase and chronic patients suffering from various disorders will be vaccinated. In the third phase, any survivors or anyone wishing to be vaccinated will be injected.

Last month, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced a free coronavirus vaccine for everyone living in the kingdom. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali, said: “By the end of 2021, Vaccines will be available in large numbers and will be enough for 70% of the country’s population.

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