This Not So Famous Chinese Man Becomes The Richest Person In Asia

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Dec, 2020. 10:45 pm
This Not So Famous Chinese Man Becomes The Richest Person In Asia

This not so famous Chinese man Zhong Shanshan has snatched the title of Asia’s richest person from India’s Mukesh Ambani.

Zhong Shanshan has become the richest man in Asia after pursuing a career in journalism, mushroom farming and medical care.

In this way, they have surpassed Mukesh Ambani and Jack Ma of China in this race.

Zhong Shanshan’s assets increased by $70.9 billion (over 113 trillion Pakistani rupees) during 2020, to $77.8 billion now.

He thus became the 11th richest man in the world, while the number one in Asia, whose name is little known outside of China.

Zhong Shanshan, 66, achieved this feat in two areas.

In April this year, vaccine makers sold shares of Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise, and several months later a brand of mineral water became very popular in Hong Kong.

Shares of the brand, Nongfu Spring, have risen 155 per cent since its debut, while shares of Beijing Wantai have risen more than 2,000 per cent.

The value of Mukesh Ambani’s assets has increased by  $18.3 billion to $76.9 billion this year and at one point he became the fourth richest person in the world, but then came down to 12th place.

Jack Ma, on the other hand, was previously the richest man in Asia, but first, the honour went to Mukesh Ambani, whose assets have shrunk to $51.2 billion from scrutiny by the Chinese government over alleged monopolies of his companies.

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