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Trump fails to sign coronavirus relief bill into law

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

27th Dec, 2020. 12:03 pm
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Donald Trump farewell

President Donald Trump has failed to sign the newly-presented Covid-19 relief bill into law, deadlines have now passed.

Numerous Americans have temporarily lost their unemployment benefits as a result. Unemployment benefits and a ban on evictions will be affected.

As per the details, Congress had approved the package worth $900bn (£665bn) after months of negotiations.

According to the international news agency, the bill includes the payment of $600 to Americans earning less than $75,000 a year. Mr. Trump says he wants Americans to receive $2,000 but Republicans in Congress refused to agree to the change.

President Trump tweeted on Saturday in which he once again blamed China for the spread of coronavirus.

President Trump had earlier showed his objection to the bill. He had said, “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill.”

President-elect Joe Biden had warned of “devastating consequences” if Mr. Trump continued to delay signing.

What did Biden say?

Mr. Biden gave a statement published on the transition website on Saturday. He called Mr.Trump’s refusal to sign the bill as an “abdication of responsibility”.

He said, “It is the day after Christmas, and millions of families don’t know if they’ll be able to make ends meet because President Donald Trump refused to sign an economic relief bill approved by Congress with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority,”

“President Trump should join them, and make sure millions of Americans can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads in this holiday season.”

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