UAE flights to Karachi see highest demand

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2020. 02:15 pm
UAE flights to Karachi

Demand for the Mumbai and Karachi routes from the UAE is increasing gradually as airlines are increasing capacity on their main destinations.

Emirates and some other airlines have recently announced special holiday discounts for various destinations.

“Karachi has recovered the most – Mumbai has got better too, but London is a bit of a U-turn,” said George Ferguson, an aerospace and airline analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

A traveler can buy a ticket to Mumbai or Karachi for around Dh500, while the same rates are available for Kochi (South-Indian state of Kerala).

Demand for the UK capital has decreased by 10 percent in July, according to sources. But for anyone who wants to fly to London from the UAE, tickets range from Dh2, 100 to Dh2,500. For Dubai, the single-minded focus on the airline and hospitality back on their feet is paying off.

“Dubai put together policies, guidelines, and regulations to fight the epidemic, but also to open up their skies, open up the borders and allow free movement of passengers and goods,” said Muhammad Ali Albakri, Regional Vice-President Africa and the Middle East, IATA.

“They have successfully done so,”

Dubai has removed various travel-related restrictions, including that of compulsory quarantine. Consequently, market sources said that passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport is now going back to levels seen before the pandemic.

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