UN: Additional 5 million Afghans Will Need Help in 2021

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

16th Dec, 2020. 04:13 pm
Afghan refugees

Owing to pandemic and warfare the United Nations foresees to assist an additional five million Afghans in 2021, as per the UN official.

On Tuesday, Ramesh Rajasingham the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs uttered during the conference that “funding is urgently needed.”

After coming back recently from Afghanistan, Rajasingham called out the extremely cold climate which the country normally faces.

He further added that the needs of the population rise as a result of “the COVID-19 crisis, increased conflict and displacements.”

“We are going from a situation where we have (asked) for support to target around 11 million people in 2020 to what we estimate will be almost 16 million people next year.”

Apart from the millions of Afghans who are internally or temporarily left homeless, another 4.6 million live outside the state, 2.7 million of whom are recorded, refugees.

Moreover, presently they are listed as the world’s longest displaced and dispossessed communities.

As Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan President considers it an insult for the inhabitants of Afghanistan to hold the peace talks between the state and the Taliban in any other place than its own country.

Inaugurated in Doha in September, the peace talks following the historic US-Taliban agreement concluded in Qatar in February have been postponed and will commence from January 5.

The US will call out all of its troops from Afghanistan by May 2021 because of the agreement they did in exchange for the security assurance with the Taliban

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