Biden’s Inauguration: Washington DC Turns Into Occupied Military Zone Like Baghdad

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Jan, 2021. 01:00 am
Biden's Inauguration: Washington DC Turns Into Occupied Military Zone Like Baghdad

In the wake of the violence at the Capitol Hill building, law enforcement agencies in the United States have decided to tighten security for President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

According to international media reports, Armed troops authorized to use lethal force are manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C. Green Zone and Red Zone perimeters have been established.

Several bridges into the city from neighbouring Virginia are also scheduled to be closed next week for the inaugural.

US President Donald Trump’s first press secretary and current Newsmax TV hostSean Spicer shared a video apparently taken Friday night that shows a military checkpoint to leave D.C. near the Lincoln Memorial.

The video shows cars on 16th Street near K Street parked in rows blockading the roadway. But first, a scene-setter report by Spicer’s Newsmax co-host Lyndsay Keith from 16th and K in the daytime.


Users on social networking site Twitter, also posted videos and sharing visuals of strict security.


Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, head of the National Guard Bureau, said 6,200 National Guardsmen were already stationed in Washington in the wake of last week’s violence. About 10,000 more troops will arrive in Washington by Saturday to do so, and an additional 5,000 troops will be called in from other states if needed.

As part of other security measures, it has been decided to close all major tourist attractions in Washington until January 24, and tourists have been instructed not to visit all such destinations in Washington.

Millions flock to Washington to watch the president’s inauguration. But this time, the organizers of the event and the city’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, have appealed to Americans not to come to Washington to attend the event. It has been decided to keep the city on high alert until the event ends regularly.

The opening ceremony has already been cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic and is expected to be simpler this time around due to security concerns. The theme of this year’s event is “United America.”

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also issued the warning of fears of planned armed demonstrations in 50 states in preparation for the opening ceremony and program in Washington DC. According to officials, protests could begin this weekend that could continue until the swearing-in ceremony is completed.

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